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How To Bet On MLB Baseball at Online Sportsbooks

Betting on baseball is generally regarded as slightly more complicated than other sports. With 162 games per team per season, following the odds, trends and statistics can be very complicated. We have made it our goal to cut down on the general complications associated with the betting on baseball, explaining each of the straight bets, a few types of proposition bets, and also the general rules regarding each style of betting.

Types of MLB Wagers at Online Sportsbooks

Most players turn to the straight wagers on MLB games than nearly any other. When it comes to the MLB, the money line, the runline, and the total scores are the most commonly bet lines available. These lines are perhaps the easiest to understand. The money line is a wager on who will win straight up, the total score lets you bet on whether you think the score will be above or under the predetermined limit set by oddsmakers, while the run line is essentially the point spread - how many points a team will win or lose by. Each of these lines are found through just about every sportsbook, as they make up the most basic lines available for play.

MLB Prop Bets at Online Sportsbooks

Some of the more entertaining wager lines on the MLB include the proposition bets based on teams and individual players. These are bets on certain outcomes, such as the series price, which determines which time win in a particular series, which team will have the most hits, runs and RBI's during a game, who will have more strike outs, if certain players will hit a home run, and similar lines. These generally carry higher payouts than straight up wagers, and they make for a more exciting experience when watching the game unfold.

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Bovada is one of the best online sportsbooks for betting on baseball that we have found. Bovada is easily the most generous book we have ever seen, offering their players more than a handful of odds that are far superior than most of their competition. As soon as you make the first deposit into Bovada, you will be treated to one of the most generous bonuses around. A 20% to $100 match bonus can be collected as soon as you sign up with Bovada, with easy deposits through MyPayLinq, VISA and MasterCard. Should you decide to test the waters, you will find dozens of lines on each of the games and series in the MLB season. The regular and post season alike are covered by the odds we have at our disposal, so you can be assured that every single line on the market can found through Bovada.

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MLB Sportsbook Bonus has also emphasized the MLB when it comes to their betting odds, making up one of the most generous locations for betting. Should you decide to wager with you will find various advantages, including a long list of betting trends, easy to read odds, and more a betting card that makes placing your wagers as simple as possible. When it comes to their promotions, offers a 25% match to $100 on the first deposit as well as a set of various promotions based on some of the major events int he league. If you decide to play with, you will find that they offer odds that are far superior to most other betting sites. Keep in mind that they offer a reload bonus every Tuesday and Thursday, which will continuously add free money into your account.

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BetOnline places such a heavy emphasis on sports that you will be able to wager without any trouble. Through BetOnline you will find that the options are nearly limitless, as they cover betting lines on the MLB to the furthest extent. They provide their readers with quick and easy access to the their lines, offering most of their MLB lines directly on their home page, laid out in an easy to read, simple to understand format. BetOnline has more lines than nearly any other sportsbook, as well as one of the most impressive bonuses to back it. You will find that they offer a 25% match to $900 on the first deposit, which will give you more money than early any other sportbsook. Keep in mind that this bonus is continuous, and you can receive it time and time again if you so desire.