5Dimes Sportsbook

5Dimes is a prestigious sports betting site aimed at seasoned and experienced players. Established in 1998, 5Dimes has been the go-to site for serious MLB buffs wanting to bet on the best odds in the world. The betting lines and types are seemingly endless for sports fans, and revolutionary things like reduced juice wagers set the site apart from the pack. If you are brand new to sports betting, this site might seem a little intimidating with all the options that are available. If you have bet on MLB before, joining 5Dimes is a no brainer.

In this 5Dimes review, we are going to cover many aspects of the site. You will learn what betting at 5Dimes is like, what types of lines and wager options are available, the safety and legality of the site, how to join, and much more. After you are done with this review, you will be more than ready to join one of the best MLB wagering sites on earth.

MLB Betting At 5Dimes

5Dimes MLB Sportsbook5Dimes has received an immense amount of praise from prominent sports media outlets for its advanced betting options. In fact, the site knows what players want, and once you create an account you will automatically be taken right to the sportsbook. There are no menus or pages to wade through. Once you are in the sportsbook, you can select your sport, so click on “baseball”. This will deliver all of the up-to-date lines on all current and upcoming games. Navigating the sportsbook is very easy, and once you click on a game you will be able to see all of your wagering options.

The MLB Wager Lines That 5Dimes Offers

5Dimes MLB SportsbookSince 5Dimes is considered a sports betting site for experienced players, you can bet that they will have all the MLB lines that will be available for every game throughout the season including the World Series. No matter how low down your favorite team is in the odds, you will have run lines, moneylines, and totals for every game they play. You will also find MLB prop lines on every game throughout the season, letting you wager on things like MVP of the year, total HR’s for a game or a season, and much more. The 5Dimes props are numerous and varied, and you can have a lot of fun with them. Adding to that, 5Dimes will post future odds quicker than any other site, so you will be able to wager on far off games including the World Series before the season even starts.

Wager Types For MLB At 5Dimes

5Dimes MLB Sportsbook5Dimes has some innovative and exciting ways to wager that expand upon the usual MLB wagering methods. You will of course be able to place straight wagers on any of the odds mentioned in the previous section, and you can combine multiple bets into parlays, teasers, pleasers, and more. However, there are some new and profitable methods that you will only find at 5Dimes. DynamicLines is a completely new wagering interface that is simple to use, and lets you monitor all of your picks. You can use the DynamicLines filter to find the picks you are interested in, and all of the MLB lines will automatically refresh instantly in front of your eyes. Managing multiple straight bets, parlays, teasers, etc. has never been easier.

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Betting MLB At 5Dimes: Frequently Asked Questions

Is 5Dimes Legal and Safe?

5Dimes operates out of sunny Costa Rica, were it has been serving players worldwide since 1998. The developers were granted a gaming license back then, and nothing has changed since. They also have a certificate of good standing from the local government. The reason you should know all this isn’t just so we can make the site look good, it’s because the site is obviously legal if it has been operating for so long with this many accolades and licenses. Another thing to know is that 5Dimes has millions of players from all over the world, and that simply would not be the case if the site weren’t safe. If any player had their information compromised at any point, word would quickly spread around the internet as to how 5Dimes lets its players down. Luckily, that is not and has never been the case with this site.

How Do I Join 5Dimes Sportsbook?

5Dimes MLB SportsbookJoining 5Dimes is as simple as 1-2-3. First, you will want to click on the “join” button, and fill out some contact information. You will create a password and the site will send you a confirmation email. Once you click on that link, you will be a brand new member at one of the best MLB betting sites on the internet. Be sure to check out your state laws regarding the betting age to make sure that you meet their requirements. Most states either don’t have betting ages, or they are set at 18. Both cases mean you only have to be 18 to join 5Dimes. However, some states do set the age higher, such as 21, in which case you should wait until you are that old.

How Do I Make A Deposit At 5Dimes?

5Dimes accepts a lot of different deposit methods so you should never have a problem loading your account. In order to make a deposit, you will go to the virtual cashier from any page, and pick your method from the deposit options. The site accepts credit/debit via Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, and Discover, as well as cash wire transfers, money orders, MyCash/gift cards, or Bitcoin transfers. Every single one of these is safe, quite fast, and reliable. Many players tend to choose credit/debit or cash wire transfers. The former is fast, taking only seconds, and doesn’t come with any fees. The latter takes a little longer, but the limit is higher, $970 as compared to $500. No matter what method you decide to use, you want to read the instructions that 5Diems provides because they will give you information about speeds, fees, and limits. These should factor in to your decision making when depositing, and you never want to have to wait on your transfer to come through and miss out on a game.

How Do I Withdraw Your Winnings At 5Dimes?

There are almost as many withdrawal options as there are deposit options at 5Dimes. To access them, head to the virtual cashier and browse the payout methods. You will notice that there is no option to withdraw via credit/debit. Don’t worry, this is how all online sportsbooks that accept US players work. American financial institutions are unable to accept credit/debit payments from overseas wagering sites. This is not a hindrance nor is it strange. You can choose from Western Union, MoneyGram, cashier’s checks, money orders, debit card fund applications, MyCash/gift cards, or Bitcoin transfers. As you can see, there is no lack of options for withdrawals at 5Dimes. MLB bettors will always be able to get their funds quickly, no matter where they live.

Are There Bonuses At 5Dimes?

5Dimes MLB SportsbookThere are many reasons to choose 5Dimes as your sportsbook for betting on MLB games, and their bonuses are definitely up there in terms of importance. This site will give new players a major boost to their accounts, and will continue rewarding players throughout their entire memberships. The 50% new player reward will add up to $200 to your initial bankroll. This is a great way to get comfortable with the sportsbook and make some preliminary bets without risking your entire beginning bankroll.

Another amazing bonus that is exclusive to 5Dimes is their reduced juice. This bonus applies automatically to every player, and will save you dividends over the long run. What it does is automatically cut the usual amount of juice (vigorish) for each bet in half. Juice is the amount that the house takes off the top of each bet, if you weren’t aware. The industry standard amount if juice is usually about 10% per bet. 5Dimes cuts this down to 5%, and saves you a boatload of money in the process. This will work on almost every MLB bet you make throughout the season. If that isn’t a great reason to join today, I don’t know what is.

What About Mobile Betting And Other Features At 5Dimes?

Yes, you can now take the entire 5Dimes site around with you in your pocket. With mobile wagering, any member can have access to a world class sportsbook 24/7, no matter where they may be. There is nothing to download and you don’t have to pay anything extra. Simply sign up for the site, and you can sign in to your account from your phone or other mobile device. That isn’t all, 5Dimes also offers live betting, which can be accessed on your phone as well, and it ups the fun factor and profitability of any game. With 5Dimes love betting, you can wager on a live MLB game while the love odds update after every play. This gives you almost endless opportunities to wager on during a game, and lets you take advantage of any big shifts in the odds. Check it out.