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BetOnline is one of the internet’s premium online sports betting establishments that is open to U.S. players. It is a great place to be when any professional sporting season rolls around, especially MLB. This is because of many reasons, not the least of which being the fact that the MLB wager lines come from the world’s best oddsmakers, and they are always on time and up-to-date. As you will see in this BetOnline review, it is one of the best sites in the world for betting on the MLB.

Throughout this review, we will cover many aspects of wagering on MLB games at BetOnline. We will show you what betting is like at the site, what types of wager lines are available, and the many ways that you can bet on those lines. We will also go over the legality and safety of the site, how to join, how to fund your account, and finally we will take a peek at some of the bonus content that will be available once you become a member.

Betting On The MLB At BetOnline

BetOnline MLB SportsbookWagering on any sports at BetOnline is going to be fun because they have designed the sportsbook to be as easy-to-use as possible without giving up any of the depth of a world-class wagering establishment. To get in to the MLB section, you will click on the Sportsbook tab, and then on “baseball” in the left-hand sidebar. This will take you to all of the MLB odds that are available for any games coming up soon, as well as the future lines for games that are months away. You will even be able to bet on the World Series futures before the season starts. Once you pick the line, or lines, that you would like to wager on, there is a handy bet calculator on the right side of the screen that will tally up your bets. You can then submit your bet(s) when you are happy, and wait for the results to come in.

MLB Wager Lines At BetOnline

BetOnline MLB SportsbookSince this is a website about MLB wager lines, it only make sense that we would review sites that offer great ones. BetOnline is no exception. The site gets the most accurate run lines, moneylines, and totals for all 162 games throughout the season. You will also find numerous prop bets for players, teams, scores, and games that will open up a plethora of wagering options. You can bet on the MVP of the year, how many runs a team will get per inning, and much more with BetOnline’s MLB props. You will also be able to access future odds for upcoming games, including the World Series. No matter where the season is at, BetOnline will offer plenty of wager lines for you to get in on. If you are a big fan of professional baseball, this site will have everything you could possibly ask for.

MLB Wager Types At BetOnline

BetOnline MLB SportsbookIt goes without saying that you will be able to place straight wagers on all of the game lines, props, and futures. You can configure them any way you want, and place as many straight bets on as many games as you want throughout the season. You will also be able to combine multiple straight bets into 2-15 team parlays. The payouts on parlays range from 2.63/1 to 16306/1. Those odds are pretty great for MLB fans. You can also move points toward or away from your favor with teasers and pleasers, or you can buy points for single bets. When you tie together all of the combinations, the permutations are endless. Furthermore, BetOnline has an excellent system for calculating even the most convoluted bets with their great bet calculator.

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Betting MLB At BetOnline: Frequently Asked Questions

Is BetOnline Safe And Legit?

BetOnline has been in business for over two decades, making it one of the most historic sports betting sites on the web. No site would ever be able to last this long if it was breaking any laws or regulations. The site operates in the Republic of Panama, where setting up a sports wagering site is legal and regulated. BetOnline has a gaming license as well as a certificate of good standing from the local gaming authorities, and is able to serve U.S. players from all over the country. The site owners can afford to employ the best security teams that put protocols in place to protect you identity and your money. Wagering here is going to be just as safe as using a site like PayPal, or buying something on Amazon. BetOnline uses the same international money transfer services as those sites, as well as the same safety precautions.

How Do I Become a Member Of BetOnline?

BetOnline MLB SportsbookSigning up at BetOnline to bet on the MLB wager lines is simple and fast. First off, you will want to make sure that you meet the age requirements. BetOnline accepts players from all 50 states in the USA, and you only need to be over 18 in order to join. However, you might want to check your local state betting age laws, as some states set the age higher than 18 (usually 21). If you live in one of these states, you should wait until you are old enough there before joining.

Once you are fully aware that you are old enough to join, simply click on the “Join Now” button on the homepage. This will take you to a screen where you will enter your name, contact information, and email. You will create a password, and the site will send a confirmation to your email. Once you click on that, you will be a new member of one of the best MLB betting sites in the world.

How Do I Make Deposits At BetOnline?

Adding money to your account at BetOnline is very easy because they give you a lot of options. To see what is available, navigate to your personal online cashier, and click on “deposits”. Here you will see a list of options, and once you click on one you can enter the amount that you would like to add to your account. Most players like to use credit/debit (the site takes Visa, American Express, MasterCard, JCB, and Diner’s Club), cash wire transfers via Western Union or MoneyGram, or eWallet methods such as Bitcoin. The main reason that these are popular is because they are quite fast, with credit/debit and Bitcoin options taking just minutes. You can also choose to send in a money order, use certain gift/prepaid cards, or wire the money from your bank. The things to keep in mind are the fees, speeds, and limits of each method. The site will explain all of this to you when you pick any option, so read the rules!

How Do I Withdraw Funds At BetOnline?

Withdrawing your MLB winnings is just as easy as making a deposit at BetOnline. You will go to your personal cashier, pick your method, and input how much you want to take out. There are almost as many withdrawal options as there are deposit methods. One thing that you will probably notice is the lack of credit/debit payout options. This is nothing to be alarmed about, and is par for the course for sports betting sites that accept US players. Banks on our side of the pond are not willing to accept credit/debit funds from overseas wagering sites because of some outdated, but still active, federal laws.

The great news is that there are plenty of great alternatives, such as cash wire transfers, checks in the mail, Bitcoin transfers, bank wires, and gift/prepaid cards. Most players tend to choose cash wires or checks, however Bitcoin transfers are probably the fastest. Any of these options will work well for anyone, and we have used them all. Cash wires are probably our favorite withdrawal methods because they take under two days, and you can pick up your cash at any local store or gas station that offers Western Union/MoneyGram services.

Are There Bonuses At BetOnline?

BetOnline MLB SportsbookBetOnline has some amazingly generous bonuses in store for you when you become a member. Right off the bat, you will be able to take advantage of the 25% first deposit bonus. This will add up to $1,000 to your sports betting account, and you can use the funds to wager on any MLB games. One thing to keep in mind with any deposit bonus is that there will be rollover stipulations. The first deposit bonus comes with a 10x rollover, meaning you will have to bet the deposit + bonus amount ten times before you can withdraw your winnings. Since MLB season is packed with games, this should be no problem for anybody.

The rewards don’t stop after you have joined the site. There is a 50% reload bonus that can be just a fruitful as the first deposit bonus, and it works on every deposit that you ever make! There is also a 10x rollover for this bonus, so make sure you plan on betting often when you decide to take it. Beyond these amazing promotions, you will find live and mobile betting refunds, and seasonal bonuses that will always be excellent.

What Are Some Other Features Of BetOnline?

BetOnline gives MLB bettors a lot of extra features that will up the convenience and fun factor by a lot. Mobile betting is one of the most revolutionary steps in sports betting that we have ever seen. This allows you to take the entire BetOnline MLB sportsbook wit you wherever you go. If you have a phone or mobile device from the last five years or so, you should be able to access BetOnline mobile from it. Not only do you get the entire sportsbook in the palm of your hand, you will also be able to manage your account settings, make deposits, and withdraw your winnings.

Another excellent feature at BetOnline is live betting. With this cool feature, you will be able to bet on most MLB games as they are happening, in a specialized live sportsbook that updates the odds after every play. This is a great way to get more out of a game, as you will be able to bet on any big shifts in the odds, as often as you would like throughout the course of a game.